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Aerial data capture for business

Stunning visuals for media | events
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  1. For Cinematography
    For Cinematography
    Our heavy lift DJI S1000 carries a Panasonic GH4R camera, capable of 4K cinema quality footage. We can also record in LOG for greater post production editing. This equipment is truly state of the art, and is a staple in the film industry.
  2. For Marketing | Video | Live Events
    For Marketing | Video | Live Events
    Our DJI Inspire 1 is incredibly flexible. It's camera can record up to 4K, and take's stills in a variety of formats including RAW. This gives greater flexibility in post production editing allowing for stunningly beautiful images to created.
  3. For Survey | Agriculture
    For Survey | Agriculture
    Our DJI Phantom 3 is the smallest of our fleet. Capable of filming up to 2.7K resolution & 1080p at 48 frames per second. Stills are almost identical to the Inspire, minus the RAW format. Our P3 is used for land & structure surveys, orthomosiacs, plant health analysis and 3D modelling.
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Rpas operators & cinematographers

We are trained, experienced, and qualified drone operators based in Flintshire, North Wales.  Our pilot has experience flying real aircraft before the transition to Rpas (drones).  We have worked with production teams capturing aerial B-Rolls for films, and with consturction consultants - gathering structural images at height otherwise inaccessable without expensive plant machinery.  We are well placed to be able to provide the expertise required within both the media and built enviroment sectors.  Our public liability insurance is covered up to £10 million.  See our About page for more info.
  1. 1
    From initial contact, our approach is friendly and knowledgeable. We are professional yet personable.
  2. 2
    Once we have received a request, we will fully explain what is achievable and work with our client to formulate a plan and advising what equipment is most suitable
  3. 3
    We will conduct all the checks within the aviation arena, obtain the relevant land permissions (if required) and produce a comprehensive written plan.
  4. 4
    On the day of filming you can be rest assured that everything has been taken care of. Our team is qualified, insured and experienced, you're in good hands with us.
What do our customers think?
  1. Cinematography
    "The footage is fantastic, thanks so much for all your hard work, its going to work so well in the film. Lots of nice shots to choose from" - M.Donaghy (Director)
  2. Survey
    "Always delivers exactly what's required and more. Timely, professional and informative" - R.Spencer (SPP Project Manager)
  3. Sports
    "Thanks for making our event look amazing!" - S.Paton (BDS event organiser)