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Aerial data analysis

Minimising costs, maximising return

Our powerful image data analysis software is able -  with incredible acurracy (down to 1cm*) to: build 3D Models, map elevation and analyse plant health.  Models can be exported in PDF format, or supplied with a report detailing the findings.  This data set would previously be limited for those with large budgets.  This type of data capture is now well within the reach of all business, costing a fraction of the expenditure previously reserved for this type of analysis.  Furthermore, the data is usuable within 24hrs**.

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  1. Elevation mapping
    Elevation mapping
    Using the georeferanced images from the orthomosiac, the software can then accurately map height. This image shows blue as low ground, red as high. When the map is created, the software will give the user a key detailing the colour = height. Particularly useful for drainage, flood defence and general planning.
  2. Orthomosiac
    Orthophotos are gps referenced images taken by the drone, which are then stitched so that they are geographically accurate. These images can then be used to measure true distances. Orthophotos can then be used to create other types of maps.
  3. NDVI (plant health)
    NDVI (plant health)
    Advanced software is able to take an orthomosiac image and analyse it for trends in plant health. Incredibly useful for farmers requiring yield predictions and bad soil detection. We can provide information with regards to plant health immediately after a weather event, allowing farmers to make quick decisions and prioritise work.
  4. 3D Modelling
    3D Modelling
    We can create realistic 3D models of terrain and structures. Applications include flood prediction and site planning.

*Dependant on Kp index at time of capture

**Dependant on scale and number of maps required.  In most cases data is usuable within 24hrs.